When people think about summertime you normally think about having fun in the sun. And often to beat the heat both kids and adults love to spend time on the water or in the water. If you have a boat or a friend that has a boat you can have a whole lot of fun but there are some rules and tips that you really need to know if you’re going boating in the state of Texas. 

Every single year we hear about people losing their life on the water, it’s so sad when a day of fun turns tragic. These tragic events are caused my many different factors, but the hope is to decrease these types of incidents. Which is why I wanted to share some tips and rules so everyone makes it home safe after a day on the water. 

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Common Sense Helps When on the Water 

What seems like common sense can sometimes be overlooked when you’re excited to spend the day with friends on a boat. So many memories can be made, but safety has to come first or else that is how those tragic events get started. 

Ask Questions Before You’re on the Water 

If you don’t feel safe or have any questions regarding boating, make sure you get those answers before you’re on the water and don’t know what to do. It’s amazing how quickly a fantastic day can turn bad.  

Now let’s dig into some of the tips and things you need to know when boating in Texas. 

10 Rules and Tips for Boating in Texas

To help keep your friends and family safe on the water make sure you follow these tips.

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