We're just about a week away from the premiere of Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why, Netflix's hit drama series based on Jay Asher's novel about a high school girl who leaves behind a trail of cryptic clues and devastating revelations in the wake of her suicide.

The series' debut season, which premiered in March 2017, left viewers reeling for way more than thirteen reasons, but a major cause for viewer distress was all the unanswered questions and loose ends Season 1 left us with, despite the tragic main plot seemingly being wrapped up neatly.

Thankfully, Season 2 promised to unravel more of the mystery of Liberty High—whether we really need it to or not. Below, here's everything we know about 13 Reasons Why Season 2, so far.

  • The entire season drops on May 18

    Netflix will stream all thirteen (how on brand!) episodes of the highly anticipated second season starting at midnight on Friday, May 18.

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    Season 2 will be about "healing and recovery"

    Netflix said in a statement that the second season of 13 Reasons Why will focus on "the start of the characters' complicated journeys toward healing and recovery" as Liberty High prepares to go on trial for the events surrounding Hannah's death.

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    There seems to be a conspiracy at Liberty High

    According to a statement released by the streaming service, Season 2 will blow open a "sickening secret and a conspiracy to cover it up ... Someone will stop at nothing to keep the truth surrounding Hannah's death concealed."

  • Polaroids, not cassette tapes, will be the show's new plot device

    As both teasers and trailers have indicated, Season 2 will feature Polaroid photographs, left behind by the late Hannah Baker, as clues to the dark secrets contained within the halls of Liberty High.

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    Hannah Baker will return... along with a bunch of new characters

    We knew Hannah's fate from the very first episode of Season 1, though it didn't make the final episode any less devastating. Though Hannah's clearly deceased, this is still her story, and she'll appear in Season 2—likely in flashbacks, as well as haunting Clay, who will become even more frantic to solve the mystery surrounding the Polaroids.

    There will also be a bunch of newcomers. BuzzFeed reported on seven new cast members in 2017: Bryce Cass (a trouble-making kid named Cyrus); Chelsea Alden (Cyrus' sister, Mackenzie); Allison Miller (a lawyer named Sonya); Samantha Logan (track star Nina); Anne Winters (cheerleader Chloe); Kelli O'Hara (bully advocate Jackie); and Ben Lawson (high school coach Rick). According to Deadline, the show will also welcome Jake Weber (Bryce's dad, Barry Walker), Brenda Strong (Bryce's mom, Nora), Meredith Monroe (Alex's mom, Carolyn) and R.J. Brown (Tony's boxing trainer, Caleb).

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    "Hannah wasn't the only one"

    A handwritten note on the back of a Polaroid hidden in Clay's locker claims that "Hannah wasn't the only one." Does that mean more girls—or students in general?—have been hurt by school jock and rapist Bryce and the toxic environment of slut-shaming at Liberty High. Who else is involved?

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    Counselor Kevin is carrying some serious guilt

    In the new trailer for Season 2, student counselor Kevin Porter, who failed to take action for Hannah Baker when she tried to come to him in Season 1, seems to be harboring incredible guilt about his role in her death.

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    Clay and Skye will continue to reconnect

    Talking to Seventeen.com, Dylan Minnette (Clay) teased that Clay's edgy childhood friend, Skye, may play a bigger role in the story for Season 2. "I can't say too much, but Skye is still around and in the picture and there's a chance that [she] and Clay could be friends or more."

  • The show will include a disclaimer

    Taking the series' heavy subject matter into consideration—sexual assault, suicide and substance abuse—Netflix will include a disclaimer ahead of each episode for Season 2. The streaming service already rolled out a warning video for 13 Reasons Why, featuring the core cast talking about the show's weighty, controversial topics.

  • Selena Gomez has provided another song for the soundtrack

    The pop star (and executive producer) confirmed that her new single, "Back to You," will lead the 13 Reasons Why Season 2 soundtrack. The track was released May 10.