Who doesn't love a good sale once in a while? The weekend of Memorial Day always brings about the best of sales, making it the perfect time to go grab a few new things.

Whether you're looking for new furniture, clothes or entertainment options, Memorial Day is a great time to go shopping. With huge sales at almost every store you can think of, there really isn't a better time to browse.

Since there is only a short time before summer really sets in, outdoor furniture is always a hot commodity on Memorial Day. Whether you're looking for a new patio set or lounge chairs to put by the pool, there are plenty of sales to check out. Lowe's, Home Depot and Academy have been advertising specifically for their outdoor furniture sets this weekend. Don't forget about grills and lawn equipment too!

As for clothes, sales are great this weekend! After all, those spring clothes have to be gone before all the new summer stuff can be put out on the floor. And summer clothes are on sale too at many places so that even more new styles can be brought in, so make sure to check your favorite stores out!