Have you been trying to kick your tobacco/nicotine habit and just can't seem to let it go? Well, I have four great reasons you should consider to help you kick that habit.

1. The E-Cig & E-Juices

The invention of the E-Cig. Electronic cigarettes were introduced to America in 2007 with the purpose of allowing nicotine junkies an alternative for smoking tobacco. So what replaces the tobacco, that would be the e-juice. E-cigs have a mechanize inside of them that heats up the liquid, called e-juice, and turns it into a vapor that smokers can inhale and exhale. Consumers so far like this alternative because they say that the vapor offers a lot of advantages over traditional cigarette smoke. Locally you can get more information or purchase your e-cig from Uptown Vapor Lounge on Broadway in Tyler.

2. You Will Save Money

Smoking can be very expensive. I hear that a pack of cigarette is running $4.75 a pack. If you kick your habit you can also save in the insurance arena as well. Usually one of the first questions that your are asked when signing up for insurance is, "Are you a smoker?"  Your insurance premiums can drop about $20 to $50 per month. If you are a home owner that smokes, in some cases homes rent and sale for less money if they still have the smokey smell when being shown, just fyi.

3. Better Physical Shape

Did you know that carbon monoxide prevents oxygen from getting to the blood stream. Cigarettes are full of carbon monoxide and long tern that equates to health problems for smokers and short term it means that since the oxygen levels are lower, smokers tend to not have as much energy.

4. Helps Decrease Risk of Cancer

In my opinion this is the best reason. Most people think that lung cancer is the only cancer that a person can get from smoking cigarettes. Not true, other cancers include cancer of the stomach, mouth, throat, kidney cervix, pancreas and bladder. According to the National Cancer Institute about 40 percent of the premature deaths in America from smoking in a given year are from cancer.

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