We've had our fair share of wet weather so far this summer and that means some extra moisture in the ground along with some areas of standing water hanging around us acting as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Just yesterday evening I was sitting on my trucks tailgate watching my daughter ride her bike and eventually she rode by showing the tale tale signs of being bit by mosquitoes. They won that round forcing us back indoors, but no more!

From now on it's mosquito spray before going outdoors for us! We've got to protect ourselves with mosquito spray containing DEET but if for some reason you don't have access to mosquito spray or a citronella candle, there's a couple of home remedy type of things you can use to hopefully keep from being bit by these little pests.

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    Bubble Machine

    Just turn the bubble machine on and have your own little party like you're under the sea! Tested by the team at the Huffington Post, they say this actually worked for them, mainly because of the soap component.

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    Mountain Dew and soap

    Here you'd simply get a quick jolt of caffeine by chugging some of it and then all you need to do is add a dash of dish soap which will attract the mosquitoes and trap them in the bottle. Just make sure you don't drink it! I'm sure it would taste pretty nasty!

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    Dish soap

    You can compare it to a citronella candle, but placing a saucer in the area where you're sitting that has a few squirts of dish soap on it can keep them away too.

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    Fabric softener sheets

    I've heard of this working - rubbing fabric softener sheets (dryer sheets) on your skin will keep those mosquitoes away or just place a couple of them in your pockets and that will do the trick too. However, be careful when doing this because it can irritate the skin of some people.