There are few TV shows that pull in the number of viewers that the Super Bowl does and that's why advertisers are willing to spend millions of dollars on ads during the Super Bowl.  These ads are full of big name stars, heritage brands and entertainment.  Several ads from last night lived up to the hype and I've came up with my top 5.

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    Coca Cola Polar Bears

    The Coke polar bears are classic and what Coca-Cola does to them each year is funny!  The commercial that I liked from them is when the polar bear couldn't hang on to the bottle and went sliding across the ice!

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    Budweiser Flash Fans At Hockey Game

    It's just a heart-felt spot.  Imagine if you were on the ice and a crowd like that shows up and it's like you're playing in the big leages!

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    Chevy Silverado

    This controversial spot was requested to be pulled by Super Bowl reps, but it ended up airing anyways!  Catch the spot for yourself.

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    Tax Act

    The kid trying to pee!  He actually gets out of the pool to go, but they're all full and you know what happens next!  That's the reason why I don't go to public pools or like water parks!

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    The Voice promo with Betty White

    The "Kill Bill" style of promo was creative and I wasn't expecing Betty White to be the one coming out of the shower singing!

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