As 2014 approaches, we look for ways to bring us better luck and good fortune for the new year. If you believe in eating your way to good luck, here are 5 things that can help you achieve your goal, plus, these New Year's Eve treats can be easily served at your New Year's party tonight!

  • 1


    Seeing how greens resemble money, eating them on New Year's Eve could lead to prosperity.

  • 2


    Serving up some fish can bring you success and good fortune in 2014 and according to Chinese legend, serving up a whole fish (head and tail included) can protect you from danger too!

  • 3


    Grapes in particular can give you a burst of luck!  In certain cultures, at the stroke of midnight, if you eat a grape on every chime of the hour you'll have good luck all year.  A tough task to eat 12 grapes at once, but it can be done!

  • 4


    For long life and good health eat some rice!

  • 5


    Just like greens resembling money, beans resemble coins.  Black eyed peas are said to bring you prosperity and good luck if eaten on New Year's Day.