As the end of the school year is approaching, that means prom is getting that much closer. And for those high-schoolers going to prom, getting ready and looking perfect means everything. Luckily, these tips will be lifesavers.

For everyone who wants to rock the perfect look at their prom, they need to know it's all about planning ahead. Make sure to tell any prom-goers you know about these nifty tips and tricks:

1. Schedule Appointments in Advance

If going to get hair or makeup done is a necessity, then you need to make sure that the appointments are made in advance. If you wait until the week of prom, most places will be booked and unable to help you with hair or makeup.

2. Have a Style Preference

When you go shopping for prom dresses, it's necessary that you don't go blindly. If you have a style, a color, or shape or anything that you are looking for, it will make the search a lot easier.

3. Go Shopping Early

I offer this advice from experience, waiting until the last minute to find a dress that you love and that none of your friends have can be kind of tricky. And be creative about where you look for dresses, sometimes places you don't think will have anything can have the best selection!

4. Make Dinner Reservations

Dinner the night of prom can be a bit chaotic, especially if there isn't a plan set for you and all your friends. Even if the restaurant you're planning on going to doesn't take reservations, it would probably be in your best interest to call ahead and see how long the wait usually is and what time would be best to come with the group your with.

5. Have Designated Photographers

In most cases, parents make the best photographers for prom because they want to be there for this big life event in the lives of their children. But if they can't make it, see about having a friend who goes to another school or is too young or old to go to prom to come with the group and take pictures of everyone.

And as an added bonus, the last piece of advice that I have to share is to have fun! Prom is such a big part of high school life and it's meant to be a wonderful time!