The award-winning 6x6 @110 project begun by Gallery Main Street in 2012 returns on June 6th. It's time to start planning your artwork.

The 6x6 in the name refers to the canvas size which is six inches square. Each artist prepares their own unique work of art on the canvas and returns it to the gallery as a donation. Each piece is then sold for $20 with the proceeds benefiting Gallery Main Street and arts programming.

In June of 2013, the project doubled with 1,000 canvases returned by artists, and was
recognized by the Texas Downtown Association's Best Promotional Event award.

Where does the 110 come from? The Gallery's address, 110 W. Erwin where the exhibit will open on at 6 p.m. June 6th, and run through early July.

One of the more unique aspects to this project is the anonymity. Artists are not allowed to sign their artwork on the front of the canvas, and buyers are not permitted to peak at the artist before the canvases are for sale.

Participants 18 and older may request three canvases to illustrate. Once returned, they may request three more. Youth 17 and younger may request one cavas at a time.

For more information on how to participate visit

Canvases are due at the gallery no later than 4 p.m. on May 31.


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