I'm a grown man, but this video makes me cry every time I watch it. Jack Hoffman is a 7-year-old brain cancer patient from Atkinson, Neb., and the Nebraska Cornhuskers have all adopted him and rallied around him in his fight against cancer. Yesterday (4/6) during their last play in their spring game, they handed the ball off to Jack.

Jack ran for a 69-yard touchdown with the Huskers blocking for him the whole way. The crowd of more than 60,000 cheered as Jack crossed the end zone and both sidelines cleared.

When he was asked what he was thinking as he stepped on to the field, Jack said, "scoring a touchdown!"

Jack is on a two-week break from a grueling 60-week chemotherapy regimen. What a cool thing for the Nebraska players to do.

Here's the touching video:

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