We all can dream big and dream of living in a big home on a sprawling estate in the country side and now it can become a reality for you, that's if you have $8,900,000.00!

Located northeast of Mineola on FM 778 in Wood County, this property boasts a home that is a little over 7000 square feet and has 4 bedrooms along with 6 baths, 3 full and 3 half, and sits on a little more than 367 acres. The amenities are numerous with this home. The property is currently called the T Bar W Ranch and is home to a Longhorn cattle operation but it is more than a rural property, its also has quite a bit of recreational uses as well!

According to the listing on Zillow, this property also has a top of the line equestrian facility that is more than 6000 square feet and features a 12 stall European style horse barn! You can also spend quite a bit time out on one of nine lakes this property has. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, it also has three other residences on property, a ranch manager cottage and executive suites!

Take a look at this place!

We all can dream big, to afford this dream though you'll need quite the bankroll to keep this property up, not to mention the taxes too!

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