It is sick and confusing to me that this can happen anywhere. A 90-year-old man from Saudi Arabia married a 15-year-old, which is is now raising human rights questions -- especially since he paid BIG money to marry this girl.

I suppose in Saudi Arabia you can pay parents $17,500 dowry so you can marry their 15-year-old daughter. While it's not unusual for big age differences in marriages in Saudi Arabia, this was a little much.

The teenager locked her new "husband" out of their bedroom on their wedding night and after two nights, fled back home to her parents.

It gets more interesting as Saudi National Association of human rights told the authorities to get involved in this because it should have been mutual consent for both bride and groom.

The man told the girl's parents to give him back the money and or send the girl back.

But seriously, shouldn't the parents be held more responsible, taking money for their daughter to marry a man 75 years older than her. Sickening.

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