Well, it certainly appears as if A Great Big World are done with making four-year-olds cry.

The New York duo's previous smash, 'Say Something' featuring Christina Aguilera, was the soundtrack for an adorable viral video showing a little boy sobbing while listening to the heartbreaking ballad. Their latest single off of debut album 'Is There Anybody Out There?' should have the opposite effect, on fans both young and old. They just released the official music video for the uplifting track 'I Really Want It.'

The video shows members Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino and their band performing the song in the studio, as well as goofing around behind the scenes. It's as joyous to watch as it is to listen to it -- and there's a good reason for that, according to Ian.

"We had recently quit our day jobs and were 'full-time' musicians and writers for the first time," he says. "We were stepping into a new role in life and really honing in on our dreams. This was us venting and sort of rebelling against the norm and what was expected of us. It was a way to tell ourselves that we could have it all if we wanted it."

In other news, A Great Big World will be the first-ever musical guest on 'Late Show With Seth Meyers.' Tune in to watch the show's premiere on Feb. 24.

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