Tyler's Terror Nights Haunted House is not closed. It has changed ownership and is under a new name called World of Khaos presented by Wildcard Entertainment. In fact, they're making this year's haunt the biggest ever and are developing a third haunt - Razor Eddie's House of Nightmares, according to Charles Cox.

I would like to personally apologize for publishing the story with only a Google fact-check. Thank you to Mr. Cox who was very understanding of our mistake. We plan on doing a feature on World of Khaos and their huge addition with Razor Eddie's House of Nightmares.

So now, that means we'll have multiple places to scare the bejeezus out of us this Halloween!







Patrick Matthews of Nightmare Studios has recently announced the introduction of The Asylum of Pain at the all new Tyler Terrorplex, located at Valley Blues Club, County Rd 486 in Tyler, Texas. The Haunted House / Maze will open the last weekend in September of 2017 and will run through Halloween night.

The theme of this haunt is 'what would a trip to the most extreme asylum in Hell be?'

Here's what we can expect per their website:

- The Asylum of Paint

- Chainsaw Murder Maze

- Museum of Fear

We will keep you updated as Nightmare Studios progresses with this new project.

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