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During the day, the most people ever report seeing is a shadowy figure. Is this just another fake Lubbock ghost story?

The figure comes a little more into focus during the nights at Hell's Gate in Lubbock, Texas. You might see a light swinging from side to side. The same light may fade off into the distance or come a little closer. No one (living, that is) has ever gotten very close to the light. The light is being swung by a shadowy figure known as "the rail man."

The rail man is supposedly looking for the conductor of the train that used to frequent the train trestle above. Shortly after the trestle was built, the conductor had stopped the train because he was afraid that some of the cars were decoupling -- at least, that's what he told "the rail man." It turns out that the conductor had been having an affair with the rail man's wife and was looking for a way to eliminate him from the picture.

Let's set the record straight: the rail man was not innocent. He frequently used the train stopovers to venture into towns and would, on occasion, enjoy the company of local prostitutes, many of whom were found butchered and missing both of their pinky fingers (he had a collection in several cigar boxes under his bunk).

Karma came for the rail man the night the conductor ordered him to check the train cars. The rail man was between two of the cars when the train lurched forward. The rail man's leg caught on the decoupling handle and he fell backward. Unable to free himself, he was then slowly dragged to death by the movement of the train. In between his screams, he heard the laughing of the conductor.

The rail man spends his days and nights at Hell's Gates looking for revenge and filling his need for fresh victims (those who can be made to look like a "lovers leap" are his favorite). If he finds you near the trestles, or if you get too close to his light, he will drag you straight to hell.

*This story is complete fiction. I just figured if people are going to continue to treat Hell's Gate as something supernatural, then the place needed a better back story. 

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