Don't ask me how they've verified this. I don't think I want to know.

But some paranormal researchers have done their homework, and they've decided that most ghosts are male.

They think it might have something to do with men typically being the ones who have been in the bulk of the conflict, war, and dangerous situations over the years. More men have died violent deaths than women.

And some people who claim to have had encounters with the paranormal say they've heard heavy footsteps, or boot steps that would be associated mostly with guys and their heavy feet.

If it's true that ghosts are usually men coming back to haunt us, this may actually be good news ladies, and there's why. A female ghost might hang around and try to pick a fight with us, but a male ghost should be really easy to get rid of.

If you happen to encounter one, just ask him where the engagement ring is and beg for commitment, and that will scare him right off! He'll run for the hills. This news could work to our advantage.

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