These days, there really is no way to know how well an established property can be adapted into a movie or TV show.  For every 'Haunted Mansion' with Eddie Murphy or 'Battleship,' we have 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'Transformers.'  So while Disney's roller coaster 'Big Thunder Mountain' might not seem like the obvious choice to get its own TV show, ABC has set its sights on bringing the famed  Western attraction to the small screen with a dramatic hour-long series.  Will they succeed, or go off the rails?

Like 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' 'The Haunted Mansion,' 'The Country Bears,' 'Mission to Mars,' the Matterhorn, and Jungle Cruise before it, Disney's 'Big Thunder Mountain' is headed before the cameras.  The Hollywood Reporter claims that the entertainment magnate will take its Gold Rush-themed coaster to ABC for an hour-long dramatic series, to be co-written by 'Fast & Furious' scribe Chris Morgan and 'Ice Age: Continental Drift's Jason Fuchs.

While it remains to be seen how the pair will adapt the coaster for a script, the attraction itself focuses on a mining town during the gold rush in the American southwest that disturbs a sacred Native American locale. Disaster strikes the mountain, taking the form of of an earthquake for Disney California and Paris, a tsunami for Tokyo and a flash flood in Florida's park.

What say you?  Do you think "Big Thunder Mountain" has enough material to be made into a TV series?  What rides would you want to see adapted?