Adam Levine opened up in an interview with ET Online about his pick of Joe Jonas as a mentor for this season of The Voice. When asked about his choice, Jonas humbly joked that "[Levine] ran out of people, I guess," but Levine was quick to contradict him. "Well, look at him, he's a beautiful man," Levine said.

"You're very mellow, which is good, 'cause it kind of balances me out," Levine said. "Because I'm kind of [whistles]. [Jonas] offers good advice, and very sound advice. I trust his opinion, because I'm a fan of him. Whenever you can trust that someone's going to help out these kids, that's what you want in a mentor to help you."

Levine's was also complementary of his fellow host Jennifer Hudson in the same interview, though in a more than backhanded way. After calling her work on the show so far "super good" and noting that her experience on the UK Voice helped prepare her for an easy transition into the role, Levine apparently felt it necessary to play up the "angry black woman" stereotype in much the same way as he frequently pigeon-holed former co-host Shakira as a bad English speaker purely due to the fact that it wasn't her first language.

"The first couple days went by, and I think [Hudson] started getting mad. I wasn't doing particularly well in the beginning, but, you know, she was losing people. She wasn't getting people, and I think she finally just got so mad, she had enough, and she started throwing her shoe," Levine said. "Also, the throwing shoe thing wasn't a negative thing. It was a, 'You're so good, I throw my shoe at you!' Strange the way that works, but I'm getting the hang of it. I started throwing my shoes, and other things."

Too bad it's not as simple as just being beautiful for Levine to like his female co-hosts. Perhaps a little more shoe-throwing would do him some good, though. It would at least add an interesting twist to the show's usual drama and banter.

The Voice will premiere its newest season on Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on NBC.

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