Tonight, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez will sing for America's votes one last time as they go head to head for the title of American Idol. This season was full with jaw-dropping moments and shocking exits; and probably filled with the most talented group of people that the Idol stage has ever seen. Check out some of the most shocking moments from American Idol Season 11.

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    Jessica Sanchez Sings Whitney

    Jessica gave the most outstanding performance Idol has ever had in a tribute to the late Whitney Houston.
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    Hollie Cavanagh Escapes Elimination Five Times

    Hollie is talented, but America couldn't seem to make up their minds. Hollie found herself in the bottom a total of five times before being eliminated and landing in fourth place.
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    Jermaine Jones Brought Back, Then Disqualified

    Idol announced that they would be bringing back a guy from the top 24 to compete in the top 13. A few short weeks later, he was disqualified for hiding a criminal past.
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    Elise Testone Covers Led Zeppelin

    Elise never came across as the girly love song type girl - but she proved it when she slayed Led Zeppelin
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    Judges Use The Save

    It's always a huge mystery as to who the judges will use their one save on during a season, and when Jessica Sanchez was eliminated there was no doubt as to who they would use it on.
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    Joshua Ledet Robbed

    Joshua Ledet received a record number of standing ovations and is one of the most talented voices Idol has ever had. There is no reason he should be in third place.
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    Colton Dixon's Elimination

    In my opinion, Colton Dixon was the most talented and original contestant on Idol this season, and maybe even in history. When he landed in seventh place this season, it definitely didn't sit well with anyone in America.
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    The Final Two

    When this season first started and as the weeks went on, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez were never the two that I saw standing in the finale. I still believe that other contestants deserve to be there more, but wish them both the best!

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