America's Got Talent is just a couple of weeks away from naming its winner for season eleven and awarding that act with a million dollar prize along with a headlining show in Vegas! Producers are already ready to see what talent lies ahead for season twelve!

The show will air the second of it's semi-finals round Tuesday (September 6th) with the finals airing the following week. It's been a great show so far this season with several of the acts deserving to earn the million dollars and the show in Vegas, it's going to be a great show the next couple of weeks.

Now if you are blessed with an amazing talent, producers of the show want to meet you! If you possess a strange talent, they'll definitely want you at the auditions, or if you can sing really good, play in a band, tell jokes, conduct successful magic or whatever, now's the time to get in front of the producers for the show for season twelve!

Auditions for the next season begin as early as November 12th in Chicago! If you're looking for a location a little more closer to home, then the auditions being held in Austin could be where you get discovered by the AGT producers and could eventually end up on the AGT stage!

So you from now until the November 19th audition date in Austin to perfect your talent and show it off! According to the America's Got Talent audition page, here's a list of audition cities so far:

  • Chicago - November 12th
  • Austin - November 19th
  • Cleveland - December 10th
  • Jacksonville, FL - January 7th
  • Las Vegas - January 19th
  • Charleston, SC - February 1st
  • Los Angeles - February 11th

Or you could just skip the audition madness and upload your audition video to their site as well! If you get to audition, drop me a line via email and let me know how it goes! Good luck with your audition.