When it comes to East Texas grocery shopping, Brookshire's reigns supreme. That reign extends to their off shoot stores Super 1 Foods and Fresh by Brookshire's that offer something a little different. That doesn't mean that East Texans don't want some other options, however. One of the top grocery options for many is having an H-E-B somewhere, anywhere, in the area. The additions made to an Austin H-E-B will make the jealousy of not having one grow.

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An H-E-B in Austin, 1801 E 51st Street, has added their own, for lack of a better term, food court to their grocery store. This "food hall" as they're calling it has some amazing choices for a lunch or dinner or even grabbing a couple of drinks before heading home. It is called Main Streat by H-E-B Food Hall and Bar. In this area, you will find fancy grilled cheese, pizza, barbecue, Tex-Mex, Japanese cuisine and chicken. After taking in those great tasting foods, you can head to Bar at Mueller for a drink.

There is the old adage of you should never grocery shop on an empty stomach. You will certainly walk away full when you visit Main Streat by H-E-B. By the way, I am spelling Streat right, at least in this instance. I Googled to see if there an alternate spelling of Street that I may not know about and found none. My only guess is that H-E-B is being cleaver with the name by incorporating "Eat" into "Street" and calling it "Streat." I'm probably completely wrong on this guess but it does sound logical, right?

When you ask East Texans what is one thing they truly want here, an H-E-B is always at the top of that list. Some say it's for the products they offer, others believe that Brookshire's is too expensive while others just want some more grocery competition in East Texas. I remember when Lindale had a Piggly Wiggly. I believe it was in the same spot where Pittman Motors is at now. Tyler used to have an Albertson's and a Kroger. I'm always in favor of more competition in anything.

If you're heading to Austin and want to check this out, go to mainstreatfoodhall.com or check out the Main Streat Food Hall Facebook page to see everything that is offered.

I tell you what, though, if an H-E-B could come to East Texas and have this Main Streat by H-E-B Food Hall and Bar inside, many East Texans wouldn't go anywhere else.

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