I don't usually watch the Academy Awards because I'm not a real big movie person, however, that was different this year! I somehow saw one of the nominees in the category of Best Picture, The Revenant and I wasn't disappointed.  After watching Leonardo DiCaprio put on an amazing performance in this movie I was left wondering, how could anyone go through an ordeal like that and survive and what a performance for Leo.  I am glad he won the category of best actor, he deserved it.

I happened to catch pretty much all of the Oscar Awards on TV and after seeing Mad Max: Fury Road win a bunch of cinematography awards I want to see it too along with The Martian! The Oscar show itself was ok, but there were two standout moments for me. One being Lady Gaga's performance of ''Til I Happens To You' and the other featured Angela Bassett.

I keep praising Lady Gaga because of her performances, wherever she appears, she does it with such style and class. Gaga knocked it out of the park again with this performance in my opinion. The other thing that I remember and enjoyed during the show was the bit with Angela Bassett! It appeared as if she was going to give and award of some kind to Will Smith, but instead ended up name dropping Jack Black instead! If you missed either one of these nuggets, you can see them below.

What was one of your favorite moments from the Academy Awards?  Let me know by leaving it as a comment below.

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