This weekend we've got a chance to experience something we don't get to see every ole Saturday.

It could make a romantic date night, or a fun family night out. The downtown Tyler ArtWalk is from 4pm to 9pm on Saturday, and I'm thinking it will be a good way to keep the kids busy. I'm always looking for that! Wear 'em out, and get them away from the TV.

It will be hot when it starts, but the evening should cool off and it could be a beautiful, romantic stroll. It's supposed to be Sunny and 90 on Saturday afternoon, and then cool off nicely in the evening.

The ArtWalk at T.B. Butler Fountain Plaza plans to have acrylic, oil, ceramics, woodworking, photography and tribal art for us to check out, and stuff for the kids too. I'm always looking for ways to take their minds off of asking for snacks and Nick Jr. every seven minutes. This might do it...they'll have the chance to make pottery tiles at ArtWalk tomorrow, and then a caricature artist can draw their faces. That will kill a good chunk of time, and then we'll be wandering around looking for snacks.

I hear they'll show the movie E.T. in the gallery area earlier in the afternoon as a tease to the upcoming Downtown Tyler Film Festival, then you can just stroll over to ArtWalk.

Have a great weekend!

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