Barbara Walters will be revealing who she thinks the most fascinating person is for the year on her annual special 'Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People of 2013' on Wednesday, December 18th. We know nine of the celebrities or fascinating people that will be featured on the show that will air at 8:30p.

Among the most fascinating people of 2013 according to Barbara Walters are:
Miley Cyrus
Kanye West and his fiancee Kim Kardashian
Jennifer Lawrence
Robin Roberts, anchor for Good Morning America
cast of Duck Dynasty
Edward Snowden
Pope Francis
Diana Nyad
George, infant son of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Barbara will reveal who she thinks the most fascinating person of the year at the end of the TV special. This will also be the final list according to Barbara because she has plans to retire next year, but the Most Fascinating franchise could live on and be hosted by another ABC news anchor.