If you haven't heard of the new boy band OneDirection, then you must live under a rock. OneDirection is a group of five guys all under the age of 20 from across the pond who have shattered basically any record you can think of.

They debuted at No. 1 in America, which is the first time any British artist has done so, they performed and acted on SNL last week, and their album is No. 1 AND No. 2, beating out Adele. They've been on the cover of The New York Times, Billboard Magazine, and oh, they also sold out Madison Square Garden in less than one minute.

These boys are the epitome of heartthrob. They are pretty much taking over the world. OneDirection joins the likes of Big Time Rush, The Wanted, and a few more notable boy bands of this era.

But we can't forget some of the most popular boy bands of all time. These boy bands set the stage for all teen idols everywhere. In no particular order, here are our top 10 boy bands of all time:

  • 10


  • 9

    Jonas Brothers

  • 8


  • 7


  • 6

    New Kids On The Block

  • 5

    Jackson 5

  • 4

    Backstreet Boys

  • 3

    Boys II Men

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