Not only are the two teams on the grid iron trying to out do each other to win the Vince Lombardi trophy on Sunday, but advertisers try to out do each other with their over the top and sometimes sentimental ads to get your attention and dollars.

They spend huge amounts of money for that coveted 30-second spot.  Over the years there have been some memorable tv commercials and I've came up with 5 of my favorites.

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    Budweiser's  'Lizards'

    The frogs were great at Bud-wise-er but along came the lizards and Louie wants their job!

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    Snickers' 'Betty White'

    Betty White is just hilarious, but seeing her in this tv spot for Snickers is priceless.

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    Volkswagen's 'Darth Vader'

    This debuted last year featuring a pint sized Darth Vader and his reaction to the car starting is priceless!

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    Budweiser's 'Clydesdale Football'

    It seems that Budweiser always has great commercials for the Super Bowl each year and this one doesn't disappoint.

  • 1

    Coca-Cola's 'Mean Joe Greene'

    This is the most memorable and touching Super Bowl commercial ever.