Is your kiddo always riding his or her bike? Do they love to not only race down the street, but climb hills and speed down them? If so, you've got to take them to Bicycle Adventure Day!

Freebies, helmets and all kinds of exciting give away for the kids. They will even give away a bike to a boy and a girl that enjoy the Bicycle Adventure Day on Saturday.

Lots of obstacles to check out and play, while also giving toward the Skatepark in Longview. Activities begin at 8 am tomorrow morning and will continue until 2 pm, at The Green in Longview.

Riders are asked to wear helmets, and there is a $10 entry fee, with proceeds going towards a Skatepark for Longview. According the Facebook Event:

1. Each bike rider will receive a hands on bicycle safety check by our local bike shop to assure handlebars, wheels, chains etc. are tight. Also tire pressures checked or any other issues that may need to be fixed.

2. Each bike rider or in small groups will have a short discussion with an adult volunteer on general bicycle safety, importance of helmets, sharing the course, etc.

3. After the bicycle safety check and discussion each bike rider will then be able to ride the obstacle course as long as they like. The course will follow one big loop and will be filled with fun obstacles and a few that will be more challenging for some riders. Balance bikes, training wheel bikes, and regular two-wheel bikes will be able to go over, under and through the obstacles. Parents will be allowed to walk the course to assist their child. There will be volunteers on the course to guide or help riders if needed.

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