Trivia question: Where is the one place on Earth where you can count on people gathering around a table, thanking God for all they have, only to see these same people -- a few hours later, mind you -- embarrass themselves and cause mass chaos to save a few bucks?

Why, the United States of America, of course.

Used to, Americans would have to wait until the actual Friday to destroy stores, fight over televisions and toasters and bring out the absolute worst of a nation full of greed. But now we have the pleasure of more and more stores opening early -- some as early as 4 or 8 p.m. Thanksgiving Day, just so we can take less time to be hypocrites about what we thanked God for at lunchtime.

Black Friday has quickly become a black eye for our nation, our need for material things, all while we piss and moan about our financial state and the economy that, somehow, has made our wallets lighter. Perhaps all that's true, and that's why we act like this.

WARNING: There is NSFW language throughout these videos. Please watch at your own discretion.

Exhibit A

At a Target in Kentucky, a brawl broke out last night after some people cut in line. This is the result:

Exhibit B

At one Walmart, complete pandemonium breaks out -- fights, wrestling, stampedes -- what have you -- over cell phones. Seriously.

Exhibit C

At Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kan., the insanity spreads outside of the big box stores to a Victoria's Secret -- yes, a lingerie store. The crowd is so eager to get inside security is constantly having to push the people back, and even the store's manager stands up and yells at the crowd that she's too scared to open the store.

Exhibit D

And right here in Texas -- it's hard to tell what's going on, but it's even more nuts at Town East Mall in Mesquite, just east of Dallas. You can see people throwing trash cans, fighting with each other and more before the police come out -- even with dogs.

Exhibit E

Even more Walmart, and those dang phones.

Be ashamed of yourself, America. Be ASHAMED.