We all love a good sale, especially when it comes to buying things for Christmas, but in my opinion these Black Friday sales have gone way to far and are definitely not worth the hassle any longer. It used to be that when stores opened for Black Friday, the items that were featured during the sales were bountiful, there was plenty of stock on hand for the demand from the crowds. In today's environment, retailers lure thousands of shoppers in their store for a sale that starts at a crazy hour and only have a handful of the hot ticket items. These stores bring in extra security or police officers, in some cases, and most of the time, they are not able to handle or control the crowds of people that show up for these sales. Store management knows (and now can expect) mass chaos will break out sometime during the initial rush.

The pushing and shoving and fighting and screaming and yelling over something is just not worth it. In many cases the same item that's being fought over in the middle of the store aisle can be found for the same price online or even cheaper. So all that's just not worth it.

Now I know that the stores are doing what they can to create revenue because to them that is what it's all about, the total on the register display. It isn't about the spirit of giving at Christmas, it's all about how can we get another dollar out of the consumers wallet.

I understand that some people live for this kind of shopping, but this isn't for me!

Looking through my Facebook wall this afternoon, I saw the following footage posted from a Shreveport TV station about the scene from a Walmart in Atlanta.

After seeing that, I ran across this video from yet another Walmart.

It seems as if a lot of this madness comes from Walmart but it happens at stores all across the country. Here are more videos that I found by simply typing in "Black Friday 2013 Fights" on YouTube - amazing what comes up.