Five acres in Texas is home to the largest aggregation of mammals on the planet. 35 million creatures are concentrated into one small space in the Lone Star State. Can you guess which one?

The Mexican Free-Tail Bat begins arriving in late February, and more continue to arrive throughout the Spring completing the colony by June. Despite the myths that surround these tiny mammals, they actually serve a great purpose across our great state.

What do they eat? Insects. Bat Conservation International has loads of information on all of the amazing things that the bats do for us unsuspecting humans. They eat moths which create problems for farmers, and mosquitoes which irritate the rest of us. One of the surprising benefits is entertainment.

Check out the video below where the Texas Country Reporter explores the Natural Bridge Caverns of the Texas Hill Country and the nearby emergence of the Mexican-Free Tail Bats at Bracken Cave. The emergence of the bats each night is actually so intense that it can be picked up on Doplar radar.

See this incredible natural gift during Spring and Summer in the Texas Hill Country.

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