We're used to seeing firefighters in dangerous settings where their lives, and perhaps ours, are on the line. There are shooting flames, and smoke, and fire trucks and hoses.

But bras?

Last night in Tyler, local firefighters took a break from the front lines to get in touch with their feminine side and raise money and awareness for breast cancer at a Bras for the Cause event, with the Women's Council of Realtors.

They were dressed in those big heavy firefighting uniforms from the waist down, and bare-skinned from the waist up, with just bras covering their chests as they strutted down the runway. It wasn't just our hunky firefighters from Tyler who were part of it. There were brave souls from Aldine, Dixie, Chandler, and other towns on the runway too. They exhibited a new form of bravery last night you could say.

After the bras were auctioned off, about $18,000 was raised for Tyler Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Nice work fellas!

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