Sounds like Big Time Rush felt big time dissed by the American Music Awards. Carlos Pena, Jr. took to Twitter to air his frustration at being snubbed for an AMA nod and threw some subtle, albeit somewhat nonspecific, shade at other stars who made the cut.

"Dear AMAs: Thank you for nominating the SAME people over and over each year. You should take a deeper look at artists who work just as hard," he wrote. Pena then replied to BTR fans who agreed that the band should have been nominated. When one follower said that Big Time Rush deserved more acclaim for their hard work, Pena wrote, "the mystery ive been dealing with for years!! can u solve this for me?!"

Another follower brought up the Big B -- Justin Bieber, telling Pena, "what p---es me off the most is that @justinbieber always gets nominated for new artist when he's been around for years!" Pena, who's actually friends with Biebs, replied, "haha so ture!!!! makes no sense?"

Pena placed some of the blame on being affiliated with Nickelodeon, posting, "it must be because we have a 'nickelodeon show' and were not 'cool' ... ohh the world we live in." We're not sure if their suits at Nick would be pleased with that, but whatevs! He then replied to another fan, lamenting, "its all about who is in the public eye..but how do u get in the public eye if no ever gives you the time of day..."

Here's the thing. The American Music Awards are entirely fan-voted and mostly based on sales and radio airplay, and Big Time Rush haven't had much radio success with their singles. They also take into account social media activity and video views -- of which BTR have respectable numbers -- but they're secondary to commercial success. Additionally, it seems slightly hypocritical for someone on a television show to complain about not being in the public eye when there are so many struggling artists who haven't even been offered a break like that.

Keep your chin up, Carlos! You're still rich, successful and super cute. Things could be a whole lot worse.

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