A media firestorm has been blazing ever since a 2005 video of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump making lewd, sexist and perverse comments about women leaked on Friday, October 7.

Celebrities across Twitter have weighed in on the offensive recording, from pop stars to TV actors alike sharing their similarly shocked and repulsed reactions.

Zendaya said she was "disgusted," though "not surprised," by the video, while Cher slammed the GOP for continuing to support the controversial and unqualified nominee. Meanwhile, actress Emmy Rossum called Trump a "misogynistic entitled pig," while Lena Dunham called for people who may have been triggered by his statements to take care of themselves.

On Friday, a video recorded in 2005 revealing Trump making graphic statements about women while conversing with TV host Billy Bush—including an admission that he tried to sleep with a married woman by taking her furniture shopping, as well as remarking that because he's a "star" he can "grab [women] by the p----"—leaked online.

He has since released a somewhat apologetic statement, claiming that the vulgar conversation was "locker room banter."

Sure, Jan.

See some of the stars' reactions to Trump's horrible, offensive comments below:

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