It's the daily dilemma around offices in East Texas...what's for lunch?  Then when you decide on what to run out to get you're thinking about how much money you're gonna drop in that drive thru or throw down on the table!  That got me to thinking where's or what's the cheapest place to eat!

The first thing that came to my mind was the hot dog vendors outside the home improvement store.  The dogs are good, fast and affordable.  That was the first thing, but after thinking about it a little more the cheapest eats are the left overs that I bring each day from home.  Can't get any cheaper than that!

You can help us all find the cheapest food (but still good) right here in East Texas - just tell us where after the jump by leaving your comments.  I remember when the fast food chains first came out with their combo meals - I thought they were pretty affordable and a good deal, but now you can't get one for less than $5 it seems and now they're offing it in small, medium and large!  Then there was the .49, .79 & .99 menu - well that's gone too and replaced with the $1 menu - but be careful there because there's the * you've gotta watch out for!  The * says "beginning at $1"!

We're on a mission to find good cheap eats right here in East Texas!

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