Cutie Cher Lloyd competed against One Direction on the British edition of ‘X Factor‘ and shockingly, neither act won the grand prize! Even so, they’ve both gone onto massive, platinum-plus success on this side of the Atlantic, proving voters in their homelands wrong.

Lloyd, whose addictive single ‘Want U Back’ has sold over a million copies, has revealed that she hasn’t spoken to the 1D boys in a while, but she knows that they are bound for huge success in the U.S., and that U.K. artists trying to break in the U.S. should stick together.

“I haven’t seen them in a long time, but when I go out there all my fans are always raving about them, it’s great,” Lloyd said (quotes courtesy of Digital Spy.) “We’re on the same label in the U.K. and I think the U.K. artists should stick together.”

Instead of competition, friendly or otherwise, Lloyd thinks they need to band together. She continued, “There’s been a few incidents where sometimes you don’t feel as if you’ve got a connection with a certain someone and then they go to America and they say something nasty about you. You think, ‘You’re from the U.K., why have you done that?’ The one thing I can say about One Direction is I feel like they’re going to have a very long and successful career.”

So instead of drawing a line in the American sand, Lloyd is wishing the best for her former competitors. How classy of her. So, how about a duet between Lloyd and the 1D boys? We’d love that!

Watch the Cher Lloyd ‘Want U Back’ Video