By her own admission, pop diva and the ultimate queen bee Cher is not a morning person. That's why today (Sept. 23) marked her first time performing on a morning TV show...ever! She dutifully got up early and hit the stage in Rockefeller Center on a brisk autumn morning to entertain the NYC faithful.

Cher, who is promoting her 26th album 'Closer to the Truth,' arrived escorted by a police motorcycle, looking as fab as ever.

She joked that she doesn't get how the hosts get up this early every single morning. Well, Cher, most of your devoted fans have to get up early and go to work, and it SUCKS!

She had laryngitis over the weekend and promised that she would perform to the best of her ability, and that's just what she did.

Cher confirmed that she will be going on tour to support her 26th release, and as a veteran of the concert circuit, she said, "The road is horrible, but the concerts are great. I understand why guys in bands tear up hotel rooms, since it can be a lonely place." She did say that getting on the stage is the best part, though!

The singer took to the stage to pump up the Monday AM crowd with her new single 'Woman's World.' There were some technical problems, but by the time she got to the chorus, Cher hit her stride, flanked by leather-clad dancers.

We're not worthy!

Cher followed up the first single with the more contemplative yet sweeping ballad, 'I Hope You Find It' (a Miley Cyrus cover) and then her biggest modern hit 'Believe.'

A wake up cup of Cher is quite a way to start a Monday.

Watch Cher Perform 'I Hope You Find It'

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