Top Gun basically launched Tom Cruise's career back in the 80's and now Chinese state run television have reportedly used part of the movie in a news report hyping up their air force.  The report that aired features a jet exploding and in the footage, the explosion looks exactly the same as the movie footage - down to the smoke, fire and even the debris flying out of the explosion.

The Chinese were apparently trying to depict one of their planes shooting down a rival plane and showed the video on tv and also posted it on their website until recently, but has since been removed.

According to the Wall Street Journal this isn't the first time that CCTV has done this.

In 2002, the popular Beijing Evening News tabloid translated and published as genuine a satirical news article by The Onion about U.S. Congress threatening to leave Washington D.C. unless the city built them a new building with a retractable roof.

Check out the video for yourself.  Does it look like that Chinese state run tv CCTV used copyrighted Hollywood movie footage for this news story?  You can leave your comments below.

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