It didn’t come together as quickly as he originally planned it, but Chris Brown‘s follow-up to last year’s ‘F.A.M.E.’ is on its way — and now you can have your first look at the cover of the new album, titled ‘Fortune.’

The album cover follows January’s release of a ‘Fortune’ promo shot depicting a sullen-looking Brown, clad in jeans, hoodie, and fur coat. For the official album artwork, Brown took a different direction, posing in front of a blue background in a conservative-looking suit and glasses. The album title is spelled out using pictographs, which sort of makes this the Chris Brown equivalent of ‘Led Zeppelin IV.’

‘Fortune,’ which has already been preceded by a pair of singles (‘Strip’ and ‘Turn Up the Music’) is scheduled for a May 8 release, and finds Brown working with an array of producers and collaborators that include David Guetta,, Nas, Wiz Khalifa, Asher Roth, and David Banner. He’s said that the new album will include a dubstep flavor, and Banner promised that it will “bring people back to the clubs” and “change the way people look at R&B.” No pressure or anything, Chris!

Aside from ‘Strip’ and ‘Turn Up the Music,’ known track titles include ‘I Love You,’ ‘Mona Lisa,’ and the helpfully instructive-sounding ‘Touch Me (Like You Touch Yourself).’

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