The story of Chris Brown's possibly falsified community service records took another turn today when TMZ reported that Richmond, Va. Police Chief Bryan Norwood, who verified Brown's hours of community service, has now resigned.

Whether Norwood's resignation is a direct result of the Brown case remains unclear, because he had reportedly been considering quitting to take over a similar position in North Carolina. TMZ alleges that the bad press "accelerated his decision."

Brown had been ordered to complete 180 days of community service in connection with his assault of Rihanna four years ago. He submitted paperwork stating that he completed the work at a child care center in Virginia, but last week in court, L.A. prosecutors told a judge they believe Brown never actually did the work. They pointed out that Brown's mother used to be the director of the center, and she filled out his paperwork. A maintenance employee who works at the center told reporters that he never saw Brown there.

In addition, Brown was out of the country on some of the dates during which he claimed to have performed community service in Virginia. Norwood spoke up on Brown's behalf, saying he could vouch for the completion of his community service.

Another hearing regarding the community service is scheduled for early April. If the judge determines that Brown faked his community service records, he would be in violation of his probation and could be sent to prison.

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