Christine O’Donnell appeared on ‘Today‘ this morning to explain why she walked off the set of a CNN interview with Piers Morgan, an incident which made headlines yesterday. In a live interview with Savannah Guthrie, O’Donnell called Morgan’s line of questioning “creepy” and edging on “sexual harassment.” 

O’Donnell, who is on a press tour to promote her book ‘Troublemaker,’ began the segment a bit flustered, struggling with her earpiece and searching for words. She regained her composure, however, and denied that Morgan’s questions about her opinions on gay marriage were what drove her to halt the interview (as Morgan has stated) and claimed that his repeated “personal, intimate questions” — including ones about her past as an anti-masturbation advocate — were to blame.

O’Donnell also claims that Morgan’s questions were “sexist,” and that he would not ask the same questions of a male guest: “Imagine if Bill Clinton were there. Do you think he would ask him, ‘Do you still hang out with Monica Lewinsky?’”

In a blog post penned yesterday, Morgan’s producers maintained that O’Donnell was upset about the gay marriage question and though she was polite, dismissed Morgan as a “mean Brit” before leaving the building.