Talk about quick thinking!

A Lodi, California police officer is being called a hero for jumping into action to rescue a wheelchair-bound man from being hit by a fast-moving train.

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According to KCRA, the man was attempting to cross the tracks when his wheelchair got stuck right before the arms of the railroad crossing came down.

Officer Erika Urrea immediately sprung into action as she ran to the man, unbuckled him and pulled him to safety before the train came zooming down the tracks.

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The man suffered injuries to his leg and was treated before being taken to the local hospital for further treatment.

While Officer Urrea declined to speak on the incident, Melita Kautz, the police department spokesperson, is calling her a hero.

Officer Urrea was just in the area. She’s willing to help, and what she did was very heroic.  She prevented a tragedy and she saved a man’s life. She’s very humble in doing so.

With so much going on within the world today, it is great to see people like Officer Urrea have compassion and love for humanity to put her life at risk to save another.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the true definition of how to "Serve and Protect."

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