Cody Simpson's rep has released a statement regarding the singer's relationship with Miley Cyrus.

In less than two weeks, the pop stars have become the biggest new celebrity romance since Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. Not only did Simpson record a song for Cyrus, but she's referred to him has her "baby" multiple times. They've also posted a ton of PDA-filled selfies and are constantly documenting their time together.

Now, the Aussie's manager, Matt Zeidman, has shed some light on the pair's relationship to People, telling the magazine Simpson and Cyrus are "both sober" and "focused on health and work."

“It is early, but their friendship is long-standing and deeper than people realize," he explained. "Though they originally met during their own wilder phases, they’re both sober now and are focused on health, work and spending time together. Seems pretty ideal to me."

Meanwhile, both Simpson and Cyrus' moms are very supportive of this new relationship.

"Puts a smile on my dial to see you both so blissfully happy," Simpson's mom Angie wrote alongside a photo of the couple on Instagram. "Hearing your laughs and seeing the smiles on your faces lights up my heart."

In the comments section, Tish Cyrus gave her stamp of approve for her daughter's new boyfriend as well, writing, “Puts a smile on my face too @angiemsimpson love you my sweet friend."

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