"When I first heard about it, my reaction was. ‘Come on, you’ve got to be kidding me. Really?’”

That's what Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said of an officer who apparently arrived too drunk to accept an award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Officer Michael Szeliga of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department was set to receive a commendation from the group for having made more than 100 DUI arrests in Florida. But, according to sources at the event, Szeliga was so hammered that he couldn't even walk straight.

The first question many had upon seeing the drunk cop at the event was "Did he drive here?" Szeliga denies he drove drunk and insists that he only had one or two drinks at the ceremony itself.

Still, once his supervisors spotted him at the event, they described him as "wasted" and instructed him to return to his hotel room. Officer Mike didn't get to accept his award.

Additionally, according to WFLA-TV, he was reprimanded and suspended for a day. Szeliga was also made to write an apology letter to his bosses for being belligerent with them the night of the award ceremony.

It seems that Szeliga, who apparently packed a bottle of Jameson in his luggage for the conference, wasn't the only cop knocking back drinks at the event. He was also spotted earlier in the afternoon, playing cornhole near the pool with other officers who were drinking Crown and Coke.

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