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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected me personally as I lost a family member to the virus at the beginning of the month.

My great uncle Charles succumbed to the virus on Wednesday (April 1st) while in a nursing home and while I mourn his passing I thought about how his home going service was going to take place in Chicago because of the “social distancing” rule.

As I was viewing his services online I watched as my family members were allowed in 10 at a time and that was a major inconvenience because I come from a rather large family.

Then I started to think how are other funeral homes are handling the home going services of other individuals while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

ABC 7 Chicago reported while some funeral homes are doing drive by funerals others are still conducting the services while not practicing social distancing.

One funeral director said they follow the CDC’s 10-person rule and while they explain it to families they understand, but as soon as the information gets out more people come.

The news outlet also reported that at another funeral home was servicing multiple funerals where over 50 people attended and there was NO social distancing rule inside or outside.

I can understand their dilemma because no one should feel restricted paying their last respects to a loved one, but with the dangers of COVID-19 they should keep in mind to practice social distancing.

Take it from me losing a loved one is heartbreaking, but to lose one and deal with the stipulations of COVID-19 is more frustrating while grieving.

I wonder how funeral homes in Texas are handling the home going services of individuals in their designated communities and what steps do they have in place amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

I hope and pray that other funeral homes will have a better plan in place until this is behind us, but in the meantime continue to practice social distancing to prevent another potential funeral.

My thoughts and prayers to everyone dealing with the loss of a loved one during this trying time.

Trust me I know the pain you are dealing with.

Be encouraged.

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