The coronavirus continues to spread around the world, and its effects may be felt in some surprising places. When a potentially deadly virus circulates, cancelations of public gatherings isn’t surprising — and when people are scared to congregate together that understandably affects things like movies, which explains why producers delayed the release of No Time to Die until this fall.

But remember: The epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak is China, home to much of the world’s manufacturing. With many factories still shuttered, and some workers still under quarantine, that may inevitably affect the availability of all kinds of goods — including, per The New York Post, the Baby Yoda toys that were expected to finally hit shelves in the next few weeks, after the character made his surprise debut in Disney+’s The Mandalorian series last fall.

The Post quotes a Hasbro executive in a report about how “supply shortages” may “stymie production” of the Baby Yoda dolls and toys:

‘We are working to mitigate the impact of our manufacturing partner factories being closed longer than anticipated, as well as to reschedule the shipments we have not been able to make,’ said their CFO Deborah Thomas. In a regulatory filing released the following week, the company reported that travel restrictions and quarantine orders have already interrupted toy assembly. It added that the virus ‘could have a significant negative impact on our revenues, profitability and business.’

China has recently announced a “a sharp fall in new cases” in certain areas, so cross your fingers, especially if you already preordered one of these Baby Yodas.

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