Over the weekend Tim Tebow held the Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic in Florida. While the golf tournament was the main event, the thing that got everyone talking happened the night before. In an auction to help raise money for Tebow's foundation, a Florida couple bid $100,000 to spend the day with Tim Tebow. Woah.

People working for the foundation were a little concerned that the bidders would actually be able to pay up. This suspicion drew from the neighborhood where the couple supposedly lived, which is a neighborhood not known for its million dollar homes but for the poverty in the neighborhood. But when they learned the couples name (which has not been released to the press), any doubt they had vanished.

Erik Dellenback, the executive director of the Tim Tebow Foundation, told ESPN New York of the intent of the winning bid, and the thought process of the people behind it.

"They live in a part of town that has a lot of people in need and a lot of people with a lot of wealth, and she felt like bringing Timmy to her town down there would maybe change the town. It sounds like she's going to have a little event where she brings over some of the kids who are in need and some of the kids who are pretty deserving... You worry [because] you think, 'Why is somebody paying $100,000?' -- and then you found out what their motives are and you're just blown away by how God had moved in the room at the time."

According to Dellenback, once Tebow found out the reason behind the bid, he became really excited. "It was very humbling, and you don't necessarily feel worthy," Tebow said Saturday at TPC Sawgrass, at the golf tournament that concluded the foundation's events. "That day I feel like I've got to do a few extra things to be special, you know? I've got to try to be a little bit better."

I'm sure Tim Tebow will go above and beyond to make that day a special one. You may hate him as a quarterback, but this guy sure does have an amazing heart. Stories like this make me glad that there are people like Tebow in the world who just want to make a difference. They don't care about the fame or fortune, they just want to help.

How much would you pay to hang out with Tim Tebow for a day? What would you have planned?