A Pennsylvania couple, motives currently unclear, were arrested earlier this month for attempting to blow up a car and using tampons as the starter.

According to The Daily Mail, Patricia and Quentin Deshon, were arrested after being reported to police for damaging a car outside a bar in Metal Township, Pa. When police arrived, they found a Ford Fusion heavily dented, windows cracked, hoses pulled out … and, of course, trying to be set on fire.

“It was discovered the gas cap was removed and tampons were used to possibly ignite the gas tank,” the police affidavit reads. “A tampon was used in the engine compartment where the oil fill cap is located. Ashes were at the gas cap area and the oil fill cap area.”

The Deshongs, whose relationship is unknown, were both under the influence of alcohol, and Patricia Deshong threatened to kill at state trooper after her release from jail. Both are charged with attempted arson, two counts of felony criminal mischief and public drunkenness — not to mention Patricia Deshong also being charged with terrorist threats.

If that’s all you can find to blow up a car, well …

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