Weddings are becoming more and more over the top as the years go on. First it was having an open bar; that was the big thing. Now we have live bands, fireworks shows, and grand exits. If I'm being honest, I did have an ice cream truck at my own wedding. But now the bar has been raised; couples can now get a giant white castle-shaped bounce house for their reception.

If you come from a fun-loving and down-for-anything family, this can be quite awesome for your adult guests. Personally, I would just worry about my hair and people holding on to me and messing up my dress.

White Wedding Jumpers, a rental company based in Orange County, California, offers this enormous wedding bouncy castle for rent. According to Awesome Inventions, the bouncy castles are specially designed for weddings, and come in the all-white color to match the occasion.

Just how much are these? I checked out the White Wedding Jumpers website, and the cheapest rate is $680 for a three-hour slot. If that's something you'd really want, that price isn't out of the question. Weddings are already expensive!

Right now, the company is only renting out these particular bouncy houses in California, but it's something you can easily replicate for your big day!

Check out these pictures!

I mean, she looks stunning.  

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