We know Daniel Radcliffe is a talented actor, but can he cut hair? We're about to find out!

When the 'Harry Potter' star visited 'Jimmy Kimmel,' he was sent down to the street to chop the locks off a stranger's head.

Jimmy informed the volunteer (also named Dan) that he was about to get his hair coiffed by an international superstar, and the actor quipped, "I'm not known for my haircutting, though!" And, in case you're wondering, Daniel clarified that he's never cut hair before.

As Dan got his hair chopped by the famed actor, he amicably chatted with Jimmy about school. (He's studying to be an event planner, in case you're curious.) Despite Daniel's inexperience at cutting hair, Dan seemed relatively calm as his shaggy locks were buzzed off. About halfway through the cut (which we'll admit, looked a little rough around the edges), Jimmy checked in for a status report from Daniel.

"It's definitely ... a look," the actor said with a laugh. "If I left you as you are now, no one would ever talk to you."

How did the final look turn out? Watch the video above to find out.

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