While it seems crazy, something like this probably isn't out of the cards for most people. When we want our coffee, there's nothing in the world to stop us from getting it - even police in Texas. An 81-year-old woman from Denton, Texas took local police on a rare 25-mile-per-hour pursuit, according to Wide Open Eats, and her response was, I was trying to get a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

WFAA News reported the police eventually managed to get her to stop the first time and slashed her tires so she wouldn't take off again. She still did, looking for a place to get some coffee and food until she ultimately gave up. After she refused to roll down the window from many requests, the authorities smashed the window to detain her.

This happened a little over a month ago. She responded to a police officer's question after she eventually stopped. She answered by saying, "Why should I stop when I've done nothing?"

In actuality, she was actually cited for driving the wrong direction in the street - certainly a danger to the public. If you watch the video, it appears the Denton Police are trying to be courteous because it is definitely a frustrating situation.

After various tests, it was confirmed she was not inebriated nor did she appear to have any ailments, and wound up spending about 14 hours in jail.

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